We're Back At Malarkey's, Tacoma WA

Deby Welfringer Is Your Event Coordinator


We will playing 198 and/or 220 on Tues. from 4:30 to 9:00.  You must start your match by 7:45. 

Thank you Clark for having us back.

Tacoma you can also play 198 at Bowlero Lanes Weds. 4:30 or you can schedule a time to play at Trudeau Automotive on South Tacoma Way.  Call Brian at 253-282-2259

 If your pool room isn't playing yet, get a hold of us and we'll help you get started.

253-226-3594  or go to the contact page on the website.


Is the Key

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New unofficial World Record set by 

None Other Than

Shane VanBoening May 24 

 Shane VanBoening Behind the Rock Pool

Shane VanBoening Behind the Rock World Record

Watch the match video here 

Hardtimes Billiards Sacramento

Hardtimes Billiards, Sacramento

Is Back!

Beginning the week of February 16, 2015, Hardtimes Billiards, Sacramento is back on board.  Brian LaFlamme is back and bringing his players with him.  Players you will have tables available to play your matches during these times: 


Sunday3-6pm Wednesday 8-11pm  Thurs 9-11pm    Saturday 3-8pm

Players, it's been over a year since you have played so all players will be competing in the Scratch divisions.  There are two divisions and two games now verses one large division during prior participation. We now have a 198 division which is 9 ball on the 7 foot or 8 foot tables.  Refresh yourself on the rules and scoring prior to playing.  If you've never participated before be sure to read the Overview, Rules and watch the Scoring videos prior to playing your match.  The rules and scoring will provide you with an understanding of how the scoring works and help you in developing your strategy and avoid unexpected fouls.  

Players, welcome to BTRT and we look forward to seeing what you can do in Sacramento.  If you're interested in live stream challenge matches, talk to Brian.

220 & 198 Are Running Weekly


 To learn more view our rules and scoring videos and click here to watch streamed matches on BTRT Ustream channel

1301 E University Dr # 112, Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 829-7344
1301 E University Dr # 112, Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 829-7344
1301 E University Dr # 112, Tempe, AZ 85281
(480) 829-7344

Who says pool itsn't exciting to watch?


Watch Pete Gonazles set a tour record of 24 balls on the break for his match.

Ron Rosas & Allen Hopkins Sands Reno Open

Don Wirtaman & Robert Colby play their Special Event Match, Malarkeys, Tacoma WA


Change Divisions
Derrell Williams - 198 Game
'Intermediate' To 'Intermediate Scratch' (10-24-16)

Derrell Williams - 198 Game
'Intermediate Scratch' To 'Intermediate' (10-24-16)

John Strout - 198 Game
'Advanced Scratch' To 'Open Scratch' (10-10-16)

Scott Seidelman - 198 Game
'Intermediate Scratch' To 'Open Scratch' (10-10-16)

John Strout - 198 Game
'Open Scratch' To 'Advanced Scratch' (10-04-16)

Change Divisions...

Play Within Outward

Posted By Deby at 00:34 Jul 12, 2015

So many of us get lost under the pressure. Let me give you a couple of helpful tools.
First and foremost, always remember why you're playing the game. It's for the love of the sport. Not for your ego. Not for the spectators. We play the game for ourselves. When things are going so good, remind yourself that it's pool and everyone has an off day. Secondly, play from the inside out. Turn your focus to what's going on on the table. Separate yourself from your surroundings, burrow down and focus on the task at hand. Don't let your thoughts and eyes wander around the room. Keep your focus on the table regardless who is shooting. If it isn't you, you should be making a game plan to get the ball rolling in your favor.
If you're not in control of the table then it's tough to win.
Work on your rhythm and know what your rhythm is. Be consistent in everything you do including patting yourself to yourself on the back once in a while. We all need it.


198 Tri-Annual Event this weekend April 13-14

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53 Matches Posted For Last Week's Tournament

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Your New Division

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Tite n' Rite Film Racks Are In.

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Kolby's Corner in Keizer OR Has Arrived

Posted By Deby at 11:24 Nov 16, 2012

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