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Tri-annual Event Turns Out To Be the "T" Event

The tri-annual event was exciting as usual right down to the final games.  It turned out to be the "T" event with Tommy Sliva, Tom Miyahira and 12 year old Tyler Reygers, If you aren't familiar with Behind the Rock Tri-annual event it's an event that takes place three times a year.  Each location plays remotely and simultaneously.  After each round each location uploads their matches, we calculate winners for each round to see who moves into the next round.  We play two matches for round 1, one match for the Sudden Death round and two matches for the finals.  Here are the results.

198 Intermediate Division:  The first round comes down to 12 year old Tyler Reygers and Elaine Eberly.  Both players shooting over their average for the chance to advance to the Sudden Death Round.  Eberly shot a 36 (5.70 points over her average) added to her handicap of 97.47 brings her total to 133.47.  Reygers shot a personal best of 43+94.93 handicap for a total of 137.93.  This moved both players to the Sudden Death round of just one match.


In this match both Reygers and Eberly struggled (a lot of pressure).  Eberly came with 25 points 5.30 points under her average and Reygers with a 30, 3.13 points under his average, but it was enough for Reygers to lock in the number one seat for the final round.

In the final round Eberly brought it home with 36+handicap of 97.29=final score 122.97, but fearless Reygers brought a 40+94.52 handicap for a final score of 134.50 capturing the 198 Intermediate division by a mere 1.21 points.  It was anyone's match down to the final game.  Congratulations to both and thanks for making it a sweaters delight with each round finishing so close.

Just a word about Elaine Eberly and Tyler Reygers.  Elaine Eberly does so much for the sport.  She volunteers mass hours and has endless weeks sometimes running leagues, volunteering at BCA regaional events, coordinates raffles and events for the NWPA on top of running her own Behind the Rock weekly event.  I appreciate her so much and she does so much for so many organizations.  Thank you Elaine.  Tyler Reygers is new to the pool world and is 12 years old.  He works hard on his game focusing on expanding his knowledge base and grinding away at his fundamentals (you know the stuff that a lot of players skip over or never bother with).  He is passionate about his game and working to take it to the next level. He is currently working towards getting qualified for the BEF Junior Nationals in 2015.  tyler is the Youth Advocate for Cue-Topia Billiards in Lakewood, WA.  If you'd like to see a quick video of Tyler Click Here.

198 Open Division:   Tom Miyahira dominated this division all the way through.  It seemed all the players struggled in the first round, but Miyahira played strong enough to grab a seat to go to the finals.  The finals came down to Tom Miyahira and Tom Snider (both out of Cue-Topia Billiards Lakewood WA).  Tom Snider came up short of his average and Miyahira smashed his average scoring 13.28 points over his average in the finals and locking in the 1st place finish.  Congratulations Tom and Tom.

   BTRT Behind the Rock Tour Finalist      

220 Open Division:  Each round of the Open division was exciting.  Larry Francisco came out of the gate strong shooing 40 points over his average to secure a spot in the Final rounds.  Tommy Sliva also came out with a solid score of 79 which was 21.30 points over his average also securing a spot in the finals.

Going into the finals Tommy Sliva is spotting Larry Francisco 9.63 points.  With Francisco shooting out of the gate at 40 points over his average, Sliva knew he had to step it up and stay solid to have a shot at 1st place.  Francisco also knowing that Sliva has won the last 4 BTRT Tri-annual events for the 198 and 220 divisions and Francisco knows Tommy will bring it. Sliva started the match which left Francisco shooting last for the match.  Tommy played his 11th game landing a score of 80 points.  This meant that Francsco only had to come in with 71 to beat Tommy.  Going into last game of the finals Francisco had a score of  62.  To beat Sliva he needed to score 9 points for the win.  Mind you, Sliva had score two snap games and one Cut game and Francisco had two snap games so Francisco was feeling the heat.  Unfortuntly, Francisco came up short with 4 points putting him 4.37 points behind Sliva and in 2nd place.  It was anyone's match.  Congratulations to the both of you.

   Larry Francisco BTRT, Behind the Rock Tour, 220

The next tri-annual event will be the first of April, 2015.  Players you have 3 more months to play 11 matches to get qualified.  If your local pool room, bar, club or tavern isn't playing yet, contact us through the website


10ball draws against 8 ball pool 

220 & 198 Are Running Weekly


 To learn more view our rules and scoring videos and click here to watch streamed matches on BTRT Ustream channel

Who says pool itsn't exciting to watch?


Watch Pete Gonazles set a tour record of 24 balls on the break for his match.

Ron Rosas & Allen Hopkins Sands Reno Open

Don Wirtaman & Robert Colby play their Special Event Match, Malarkeys, Tacoma WA


Change Divisions
John Whipple - 198 Game
'Intermediate Scratch' To 'Open Scratch' (01-25-15)

DeCettriz Robinson - 220 Game
'Intermediate Scratch' To 'Open Scratch' (01-25-15)

Terry Lee - 198 Game
'Intermediate' To 'Open' (01-05-15)

Terry Lee - 198 Game
'Intermediate Scratch' To 'Intermediate' (01-05-15)

Ghost Intermediate - 198 Game
'Intermediate Scratch' To 'Intermediate' (12-19-14)

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198 Tri-Annual Event this weekend April 13-14

Posted By Deby at 11:19 Apr 7, 2013

This is the very first 198 tir-annual event. If you don't have 11 matches talk to your EC. Entry fee is $35 the locations and tour adds money to this event. Runs April 13-14. If you can't make it on those days talk to your EC they might be able to fit you in this week.
Entry fees are due by Weds.
Good Luck hope to see everyon'es scores!


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