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Marvin Davis puts up 2nd highest 211 score.

Posted By Deby at 3/15/2012 11:28:27 AM

We held a special event for upper level players that have either played themselves out of the Open division or are the waiting list for the next division to open. Marvin Davis out of Hawley's Billiards in Dallas TX shot a 130 this week to snap off the Special event. Nice shooting Marvin and we'll get your division open soon.
If you're an A+ player and would like to play on the tour. Contact us and we'll get you on the waiting list. If we have a list then we know when we have enough players that will participate and we'll open that division. The time is now. Get started. or 253-226-3594. Rooms if you're interest in coming on board contact us. Players if you have a room that you'd like to see on board contact us.


Bottoms Up and We're Not Kidding

Posted By Deby at 08:48 Jan 27, 2017