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Tir-Annual Event

Posted By Deby at 7/11/2012 10:25:00 PM

Only 3.5 weeks until the tri-annaul event set for Aug. 4-5th. Intermediate and Open players you need 11 matches and Advanced players you need 6. If you are an Open player and don't have enough matches you are welcome to play in the Advanced division. It works the same as all the divisions and you will all be using the same handicapping system. Let your EC know if you'll be playing.
$35 entry and talk to your pool room if there are any green fees. Entries need to be paid by
Thursday Aug. 2 so we can schedule matches and get the score sheets ready to go.


Bottoms Up and We're Not Kidding

Posted By Deby at 08:48 Jan 27, 2017