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Play Within Outward

Posted By Deby at 7/12/2015 12:34:47 AM

So many of us get lost under the pressure. Let me give you a couple of helpful tools.
First and foremost, always remember why you're playing the game. It's for the love of the sport. Not for your ego. Not for the spectators. We play the game for ourselves. When things aren't going so good, remind yourself that it's pool and everyone has an off day. Secondly, play from the inside out. Turn your focus to what's going on on the table. Separate yourself from your surroundings, burrow down and focus on the task at hand. Don't let your thoughts and eyes wander around the room. Keep your focus on the table regardless who is shooting. If it isn't you, you should be making a game plan to get the ball rolling in your favor.
If you're not in control of the table then it's tough to win.
Work on your rhythm and know what your rhythm is. Be consistent in everything you do including patting yourself to yourself on the back once in a while. We all need it.


Bottoms Up and We're Not Kidding

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