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Intermediate Division Confirmed

Posted By Deby at 6/3/2011 9:07:50 PM

We are set for the intermediate division for this week. If your average is between 0-30 and you would like to participate in this division be sure to tell your EC that's where you want to be. If your average is less than 30, but you always would like to play in the Open handicap division tell your EC that's the division you want to be registered in. You can play up in a division, but now down. You must designate which division you are playing that week at the time of your match. Since this division was not confirmed at the beginning of the week, we will assume all players with the average of 0-30 will be in the intermediate division. If we have less than three players, all players will be placed in the Open handicapped division for this week.


Bottoms Up and We're Not Kidding

Posted By Deby at 08:48 Jan 27, 2017