$10,000.00 Event Register Today

$10,000.00 Event

The First Of Many To Come

115 Players Register and It's Game On

The entry fee is $100.  Take as many swings at it as you want.  The cost is $100 a match.  Here's how to take your best shot:

1.  Register here on the website.  
2.  Register for a livestream.com user account for video verification.

Once 115 players are registered we will set the date and contact all the players.  Players will have 3 weeks to confirm if they want to play and get their entry fees paid.
3.  Mail your entry fee and information card to:  BTRT 2303 Cincinnati Street, Steilacoom WA   98388
4.  Determine your location and make arrangements for your match with the owner/manager of the location.
5.  Read the  Rules and Scoring.  Once you Read it LEARN IT!  Knowing the rules and scoring will be critical to your success.  You will benefit from understanding the scoring.
You can also refer to the FAQ page for further questions you may have.  
During your match ANY help from other players or spectators during your game will disqualify your match.  
Be sure to tell your supports to not help you with the rules in the middle of a game.  
Any rule violations will disqualify a match.
6.  Practice the format.
7.  Use the Contact page on this website and tell us where and when you'd like to play your match.
8.  Once your entry fee is received we will contact you and get you rolling.

Help with your live streaming.  
Here's how to record and save your match.  1.  Live stream with your smart phone, laptop, webcam, tablet or whatever to stream your match. 2. Matches must be recorded through Livestream.com.  Use this link to register with Livestream.com a.  Click on "Login" in the Upper Right Hand Corner. b.  Click on "Join Livestream" in the dialog box.  This will register you with a free account.  Your videos will stay online for 30 days.   c. Once you record and play your match a dialog box will come up and ask you if you'd like to send link to anyone.   d. This is when you will send a link to deby@ behindtherocktour.com (write down this email address as you will need it).  e. Your video time stamp must match the time you have scheduled with us to play your match.   f. If the time does not match, your match will be disqualified and your entry fee forfeited.   3. No Refunds will be issued.| 4.  If you have issues with your connection while playing your match,  a. DO NOT touch the table or move the balls. b. Contact us and we'll walk you through how to handle this.   c. A verification of the issue will be determined.
5.  Do a couple of dry runs with your streaming to make sure you have everything ready to go prior to your scheduled match time.   You're not going to want to have to be worried about your video while trying to focus on your match.

As always, if you have any questions or need assistance with anything contact us.

If you'd like to play in our weekly events contact us and we'll help you get started in your local pool room.

Good luck and may the rolls go your way.

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