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VanBoening Sets Unofficial World Record

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VanBoening Sets World Record At Cue-Topia Billiards

Shane VanBoening broke the unofficial 220 Behind the Rock Tour world record at Cue-Topia Billiards February 24, 2015.

Cue-Topia Billiards was honored to have Shane VanBoening come to Cue-Topia Billiards for an exhibition, clinics and lessons March 24-27.  This exhibition was something we will all remember.  The exhibition started with an enjoyable shuttle ride from the local casino to the pool room. As spectators entered the exhibition they were given a piece of paper and pencil to write a question for Shane to answer.

 VanBoeing started the exhibition giving a short biography of his career and his personal experiences.  He told some comical and entertaining stories and also hit on the more serious side of life making the statement “that we, as human beings are not all perfect and that’s okay”.  This really set the tone for the event and made it very personal for all of us.  From there Shane went on to answering questions.

The questions ended up being very interesting and informative for all.  What was so special about the questions was that VanBoening did not take the questions lightly.  He methodically thought about his answer and if he wasn’t clear on the question he didn’t just throw it aside.  He stopped and asked for clarity to make sure he was giving the best answer.  Shane made everyone feel this was their personal experience.  A true compassionate man and true gentleman. Once VanBoening finished the questions, gave some tips about the game the fireworks started.

Shane agreed to play a Behind the Rock 220 match.  The previous unofficial World Record was 186 points shot by Adam Smith in Tunica at the Southern Classic event in 2012.  For those of you that are new to Behind the Rock (BTRT) let’s go over the format a little. 

BTRT an animal of a different color.  It’s an all new format where matches are played from any certified location (which would include pool rooms, bars, bowling alleys or any location with pool tables and an Event Coordinator (EC)).  Each week a new tournament starts on Sunday and is open to matches all week long.  Different rooms play on different days.  Saturday night at midnight, matches from different locations are uploaded by the EC’s to the website and the tournament is closed.  Sunday the tournament is calculated, new handicaps are calculated and payouts are done every Monday.

BTRT games are all offense with no opponent which means you have no excuses.  It’s all about what you do at the table from racking to running balls.  We play two different games and within each game are 4 divisions and a true 90% handicapping system is used.  220 is played on the 9 foot table and 198 is similar to 220 but it’s played on the 7 or 8’ foot tables.  Players play 11 games for a match.  220 was derived off the game of 10 ball vs. the Ghost.  These are the basic rules.  Break, take  ball in hand after the break and run balls in rotation until the player fouls misses or runs out.  Players earn a point per ball.  If a player breaks and runs there are some scoring twists that take place and we’ll go over those as we watch Shane’s upcoming match.  Other rules are All Ball Foul rule, don’t touch or move anything on the table or game over, scratch on the break is minus a point and all balls spot that were pocketed on the break, any ball pocketed is a point as long it was a legal hit, remember we’re playing by 9 ball rotation rules, but playing with 10 balls.

Shane’s match was a 220 match and it went down like this.

He started out the first game and ran to the 4 ball which he missed (looked like the ball skidded on him).  Missing a ball is game over.  Game 2 Shane broke and didn’t make a ball on the break and ran out, Cut game.  Game 3 again didn’t make a ball on the break, but took the option to not take ball in hand which converted game 2 from a Cut game to a COE and ran out.  Game 4, pockets a ball on the break, took the option again, converting game 3 to a COE and ran out.  Game 5 pockets a ball on the break and runs out, Snap game.  Game 6 he does not make a ball on the break and runs out, Cut game.  Game 7 makes a ball on the break takes the options converting game 6 to a Cut game and runs out.  Game 8 he makes a ball on the break and runs out, Snap game. Game 9, Snap game.  Game 10 Cut game, taking the option in game 11 converting game 10 to a COE, breaks and runs game 11 and game 12 for two more Snap games.  Shane broke and ran 11 games making a new World Record of 197 points.  The stats for his match were: 3 consecutive snap games, 6 total snap games, 3 COE, 1 Cut game, 1 extra 10 Ball and one miss. To sum it up out of 12 games one miss and 11 break and runs.  This may sound like an easy feat because you have the option to take ball in hand after the break, but let me tell you it’s quite a feat especially when you keep in mind that it was the first time ever that Shane played this format.

Once the new world record was set Shane moved onto photos with the players, cue ball signing and challenge matches.  The exhibition spectators went home with stars in their eyes and couldn’t before the professionalism, talent and expertise they had just witnessed. It was awesome.  If you’d like to view Shane’s score sheet got to

All of us from Cue-Topia Billiards and Behind the Rock would like to thank Shane for his time and enlightening us.  Those of us pool players here in Tacoma who thought we knew a little something about pool learned we knew nothing about the game and have a lot of work to do. 

To everyone that came and supported the exhibition, thank you for making it a great event. We couldn't have asked for anything more. Our hope is that everyone is inspired to grow their game and incorporate Behind the Rock into their pool program.  If you are not local to Tacoma, players can play from any location with pool tables. If your local place to play isn't playing BTRT get a hold of us and we'll help you get it going. For more info email or reply to the post. BTRT is now playing at Cue-Topia Billiards Lakewood, Golden Fleece Seattle, Paddy's Sports bar and Grill in Cour de Alane ID, Hardtimes Billiards Sacramento and Butera Billiards CA.

If you’d like to learn more about Behind the Rock visit the website at, click on the Tour Info button and read about How it works.  You can also find the rules and scoring on the website under the Rules tab.  You’ll find 5 short videos on the scoring as well.

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