Behind The Rock Tour - Virtual Tournament

What Is BTRT

Welcome to Behind the Rock, LLC (BTR).  We play a weekly tournament from any location in the USA.  This concept was developed as a beginning to create change the future of our industry.   

BTR has been in operation for over 7 years.  Over this time we have tried and tested our program and it has proven to be successful financially, educationally and our handicapping system is the most accurate system in the industry.  We are currently in the process of adding new features that will change not only the way we do tournaments, but our industry as well. Here’s how it will go down.

We play games against the Ghost.  If you’re not familiar with playing the Ghost it works like this.  You have no opponent. You’ll break, take ball-in-hand and run balls until you miss, foul or run out.  It’s just you and the table.

Formats:  Singles, Partners, Scotch Doubles, 3, 4, 5 person Teams and Pro-Am Teams.

Games: 220, 198, 176 and coming soon 110, One Hole, Breaking Banks and Honolulu, Billiards and Snooker.

All games are based on standard games like 10-Ball (220), 9-ball (198), 110 (8ball), One Hole, Breaking Banks and Honolulu.

Opponent:  This is a player verses many format.  

This is a weekly tournament that can be played for many location, anywhere.  Anywhere includes: a private club, your home, pool room, bar, tavern, bowling alley etc.  This is not to be confused with league.  This tournament pays weekly 1/3 of the field.

How it Works

BTR is a weekly national, and soon to be international, pool tournament played from any location anywhere in the world.  What this means is players can participate from any pool room, bar, tavern bowling alley, arcade and even their own home table.  Players have the choice of competing playing 220 (10 ball), 198 (9ball), 176 (8 ball) and coming soon 110 (14.1), Breaking Banks, One Pock, Honolulu, Billiards and/or Snooker by playing against the Ghost. 

Players will live stream their matches by either using one of our Kiosk Stations or any device they choose.  Players will pay for and score their match using their mobile phone or any secondary device they choose (laptop, desktop etc.).  A new tournament starts every Monday and closes on Sunday.  Monday morning we calculate winners and pay the players.

We have 5 divisions in each game with the lower three divisions using a true 90% handicapping system (the fairest system in the entire industry).  Two of the divisions we offer are the semi-pro and professional divisions.  You can find more information on “How It Works” on the website under the Tour Info tab.

Team Captains

We will have many new features with the new website that will be launch Sept. 1, 2017.  One of the things we’ll be implementing is to create Pro-Am Teams.  

    Each Team will have their own Professional captain.  Each captain will get their own. as well as a team page.  On each team page there will be a chat 


room which gives the players and team members a chance to talk, ask questions and get advise from the pro. BTRT also offers a training center for the players to educate themselves and for those that want it there will be educational information on how to move your game to the next level.   

What’s In It for You?

What we bring is a way for the professionals of our sport (Team Captains) to share their knowledge and we offer the fairest handicapping system in our industry.  For the upper level players that do not want a handicap they play scratch.  This is for our semi-pro and professional divisions.

Throughout the year, players have the opportunity to participate in the weekly tournaments to try and improve their skills and win money.  Throughout the year we will offer special events like team, Pro-Am competition, scotch doubles or partners, tri-annual and annual events.

The grooming ladder is something that we are very proud of.  We hope that the players utilize the format to step up their game and it entices more players into our industry. If we are successful at educating the players and spectators, then we will have a sport that will grow.

As for you, or anybody as far as that goes, we have a commissions and referral program that you can generate residual income.  Every time a player plays a match, their referral gets paid.

The concept is good for the whole.  Good for the Professional Players. Good for the Pool Rooms, Good for the amateurs and united as one worldwide. Let’s talk numbers for a minute.

There are about 40,000,000 people that play pool in the USA.  We have approximately 400,000 league players every week.  So let’s take a really small number like 30 players in each state.  That will give us a total of 1500 players.  On a $10 entry fee, after the professionals get paid, the referrals get paid, and administration pays the bills, the players will bring in $10,000/wk.  Now let’s just say we had a small number like 10,000 players.  After it’s all said and done the players will get paid $700,000/wk. This is per WEEK if the players continue to play. This could almost become a pool lottery with our accurate handicapping system.  Beijing alone has 2,000 pool rooms.  Imagine, a Kiosk station in all 2,000 pool rooms.  $10 entry which would bring the weekly purse to $16,000.00/wk to the players in Beijing alone.  China has 180,000 pool rooms.  Imagine 1 player in each room on a $10 entry, $1,800,000 per WEEK! A worldwide tournament will grow to be astronomical.

You have been carefully selected to be invited to be a part of Behind the Rock (BTR).   This is your opportunity to not only participate, but to create some residual income, promote the game, utilize a source for branding yourself, be a part of the grooming ladder and most importantly be a part of the greatest thing that has ever happened in the pool and billiards industry. 

In closing, this could be the greatest thing that has ever happened to pool and we can all be a part of it.  We need the players to support it because that’s what makes any organization in any sport.  The players count here.


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