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T-shirt Contest

Posted By Deby at 1/31/2011 2:45:37 PM

Okay we're looking for Creative slogans for t-shirts like Got Chalk? or it can be anything that has to do with pool. Be creative and unique and maybe it will get choosen. Guess what? You'll get a free shirt out of the deal!
You can login and post your entry right here. At the bottom there is a place to put a picture of a sketch if you want. Just put the cursor where you want the image, browse and pick the image you want to use. Click on Set Image Position and you're golden. Don't forget to type your slogan.
Contest is on! The money for the shirts we sell will go to support the tour. Let's have some fun with this. Be public appropriate please.


Bottoms Up and We're Not Kidding

Posted By Deby at 08:48 Jan 27, 2017