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New Division

Posted By Deby at 5/29/2011 11:12:28 AM

We have opened the Intermediate division.
It will work like this. The Intermediate division are for players with an average of 0-30 points.
A player may play up in a division, but not down.
If a player wants to participate in a division higher than the Intermediate (goes for any division) they must declare to the EC PRIOR to playing your match.

If a player’s average goes over 30 they will automatically be moved to the handicap division.
There might situations where the player wants to be moved back to the Intermediate division where we will look at the circumstances and make a determination as to if they can move back down.

This division will pay if there are 3 or more players
If there are less than 3 players the players will participate in the Open division for that week, but will not be left in the Open division.

We will start this division hopefully by this week 5-30-2011. I’ll post a notice when the website gets reprogrammed.


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